Current Activity:

T.Segal Technologies Development Ltd. - Founder

Manometal Ltd. – Unique Fasteners solutions

NRG Energy Efficiency Ltd. – Founder (Partner) /CEO




  • Multi-Disciplinary Engineering


  • More than 30 years experience in multidiscipline international technologies development, system engineering and Budget control in Hi-Tech and Traditional industry.

  • Specializes in Energy optimization and recovery, Process and Flight Control


  • System architecture, engineering, project leader and budget control involves with wide range multidiscipline technologies and fields: Aerodynamics, Mechanics, Materials, Electronics, Hardware, Software, Electrical Power, Energy, Motion and more…


  • Multidiscipline technologies development, system engineering. Specializes in flight control and unstable aerial platforms, process control, materials, engineering, energy, optimization, smart products, hardware and software development for the leading European, US and the Israeli industries such as:

       IMI, IAI, Elbit, Rafael, BASF, DuPont, Honeywell, Proctor & Gamble, Finaneste, Saint Gobain, Thermal Ceramics,

       Kanthal, ORL, Carmel Olefins and more.

Inventor and developer of:

  •  Fully autonomous Auto-Piloting technology for unstable aerial platform (.

  •  Unstable aerial platforms (Helicopter)

  •  Domestic energy management system

  •  Drying process accelerator

  • High accuracy water meter counter

  •  Industrial energy recovery system

  •  Small scale weighting system in uncertainty environment

  •  RT Software platform over IT



Background - Activity  (Brief / Highlights) : 


Steadicopter Ltd. – CEO/CTO -


Fully Autonomous Unmanned Small Scale Helicopter Project

Inventor and developer of new patentable technology:

  • Innovative Auto-Piloting technology and system

  • Small scale stat of art helicopter platform


R&D team leader for the development of autopilot, ground station and helicopter platform to complete a full system of small scale unmanned autonomous helicopter.


The system development (briefly) included the following main tasks:

  • System Definition, sizing, requirements

  • System Architecture, Methods – Autopilot/GCS and Aerial Platform

  • Autopilot - Method design, approval and validation, Sensors selection (GPS, IMU, Compass, Alt. etc’…), Algorithms and software development, PCB design and assembly, Communication and video, data link, System integration, Testing and Tuning, Flight Tests

  • Ground Control System - Navigation Method design, Software environment selection, Algorithms and software development, Communication and video, data link, System integration, Flight Tests

  • Aerial Platform – Architecture, System design and build through all phases:

Construction (Fuselage, landing gear, stress and vibration analysis…), materials selection (AL, composite…), aerodynamics (Fuselage, blades...), mechanical and electrical energy source (engine, transmissions, generator, batteries…), sensors and equipments location and assembly, payloads, load balance, flight tests. 

Running the company marketing, business development (civil, military and semi-military), and technology development, including patents filing.


Cellaris Ltd. – Company Management

Ultra-Light Ceramic foams (

Company management, operation and technology development including: technology scale-up from lab scale up to a scalable pilot, industrial conceptual, costs modeling, product definition and development.

Established technology cooperation and relationship with Multi-Millions & Billions European and US world leading firms in the ceramics, insulation and the refractory industry.


YAAD Ltd. – Founder & CEO

Engineering Company - Process control and Instrumentation

Engineering design, Process control, Instrumentation, Energy and Optimization aspects activities for the leading European and Israeli chemical / petrochemical process leading industries.

Multidiscipline engineering solutions including: consultant, architecture, concept, detailed design, system tests / acceptance tests, construction supervision, new and existing plants start-up and operation, process control development, energy analysis, improvement, advanced control and optimization.


Hobbies:      Computers, Science / Technologies, Private Pilot